Music: Pisendel – Violin concertos from Dresden

26th June 2012

Johannes’ debut CD focuses on the music of one of the most celebrated orchestras at Bach’s time: the Dresden court orchestra. No other orchestra was as cosmopolitan in terms of its makeup, as familiar with all the current styles, or as skilled in dealing with difficult scores as the group led by Johann Georg Pisendel. He was also responsible for making the Dresden music archive into one of the most extensive in Europe. Fortunately the so-called Schrank II collection – preserved today in the Saxon State Library – with its inexhaustible trove of acoustical treasures survived the turmoil of a number of devastating wars.

Here is the link to the website of the Dresden Pisendel Collection that has been entirely digitized in an impressive venture over the past few years

Modern editions of the works performed on the CD are available from

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